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SuperPro and EnviroPro Designer facilitate the following tasks related to environmental issues: Waste Generation from Manufacturing Facilities

SuperPro Designer performs thorough material and energy balances of integrated manufacturing facilities and calculates the amount and type of waste generated per unit of product as well as per unit of time. Waste streams are classified as Liquid, Solid, and Emissions (vapor).

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The following table is from the Environmental Impact Report. It provides info on the allocation of each component that enters a manufacturing facility. This clearly shows how much of each raw material ends up in the product and how much is wasted. Other tables in the same report provide info on the amounts and types of waste generated, the environmental properties of waste streams, amount of regulated chemicals (e.g., SARA 313 and 33/50 chemicals), various Pollution Indexes, etc.

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Characterization of Waste Streams

SuperPro and EnviroPro Designer calculate a number of stream environmental properties (see figure below) based on the composition of streams and the component contribution to these properties. This information along with some other pertinent data are used to characterize waste streams from a regulatory and environmental impact viewpoint.

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