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EnviroPro Designer is an environmental process simulator designed to enhance the productivity of engineers and scientists engaged in the design, development, and assessment of integrated water purification, wastewater treatment, and waste disposal processes.

EnviroPro Designer is a valuable tool for environmental consulting engineers, process designers, and treatment/disposal plant engineers and managers. It enables the user to efficiently develop, assess, and optimize environmentally beneficial technologies. It provides under a single umbrella modeling of end-of-pipe treatment processes, project economic evaluation, and environmental impact assessment. Its rigorous and versatile biological reactor models can be used to represent and optimize biochemical oxidation as well as nitrogen and phosphorous removal processes. Its VOC emission models (accepted by EPA) can be used to calculate emissions from treatment plants and track the fate of hazardous chemicals.

A superset of EnviroPro, SuperPro Designer, is also available to extend the modeling of pollution control processes to include chemical and biochemical manufacturing operations.

A detailed brochure file is available in MS Word format. The size of the file is 277 kb. Click here to download it (in zip format).

EnviroPro Designer is available for the MS Windows 7, 8 and 10 platforms.. It requires a PC with at least 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free hard disk space.

Key Features of EnviroPro Designer:

  • Models for over 70 operations.
  • Material and energy balances.
  • Equipment sizing and costing.
  • Thorough process economics.
  • Rigorous VOC emission calculations from treatment plants.
  • Chemical component fate prediction.
  • Extensive chemical component and mixture database.
  • Extensive equipment and resource databases.
  • Waste stream characterization.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface.
  • Advanced hypertext help facility.
  • OLE-2 support.
  • PFD customization through addition of your own graphics and text.
  • Compatibility with a variety of graphics, spreadsheet, and word processing packages.
  • Option to export PFDs in DXF format (for incorporation into AutoCAD) and in WMF format.
Unit Procedure Models in EnviroPro Designer

Aerobic BioOxidation
Plug Flow Aerobic BioOxidation
Trickling Filtration
Anoxic Reaction
Anaerobic Digestion
Wet Oxidation
UV Radiation

Batch Reaction
Plug Flow Reaction
Equilibrium Reaction

Solid/Gas Separation

Electrostatic Precipitator
Baghouse Filter
Gas Cyclone
Solid/Liquid Separation
Decanter Centrifuge
Oil Separator
Plate & Frame Filter
Rotary Vacuum Filter
Granular Media Filter
Belt Filter

Phase Separation
Activated Carbon Adsorption
Ion Exchange
Pressure Change

Sludge Dryer

General Unit Ops
Generic Boxes for
Reaction and Separation
Flow Mixers/Splitters
Component Splitter
Heat Exchanger

Various Storage Tanks
Various Blending Tanks
Equalization Tank
Junction Box

EnviroPro Designer Pricing Policy
Purchase Price
Lease Price
7,495 2,995

The purchase prices include unlimited technical support and free upgrades for a year. The lease prices include unlimited technical support and free upgrades for as long as the license is maintained. 

  • Discount is available for multiple licenses. 
  • Departmental, site and corporate licenses are available under very attractive terms.
  • Educational licenses are available at substantial discounts.
  • A FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION version is available to download (FREE OF CHARGE) or order for a small fee.
Selected Publications on EnviroPro
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  2. Modeling and Optimization of a Municipal Treatment Plant Using EnviroPro Designer, Victor E. Santamarina, Environmental Progress (Vol. 16, No. 4), Winter 1997, Pp. 268-273.
  3. Treatment plant instructional modules based on SuperPro Designer v2.7, Joseph R.V. Flora, A. Steve McAnally, and Demetri Petrides, Environmental Modelling & Software, Elsevier, Vol. 14, 1999, Pp. 69-80.
  4. EnviroCAD: A Comprehensive Environmental Process Simulator, D. Petrides, K. V. Aelion, S.K. Mallick, and E.S. Venkataramani, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 42 - No. 3, August 1995.
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