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In the late 1990s, we got involved in a project that was funded by Lucent technologies to expand the capabilities of SuperPro Designer and make it capable of modeling, evaluating, and optimizing ultrapure water production processes for the semiconductor industries. Along with that, we included capabilities for evaluating water recycling and reuse option. Engineers in the microelectronics industries can now use SuperPro to design semiconductor fabrication facilities with minimal wastewater discharge. Click here for more info on applications of SuperPro for modeling and evaluating production of ultrapure water and treatment and recycling of wastewater.

In 2002, few semiconductor manufacturers started using SuperPro for tracking usage of chemicals in their fabrication plants. Air pollution control is another area of applications of SuperPro Designer in the semiconductor industries. All these are encouraging signs for us that SuperPro Designer has the potential for a wide range of applications in the semiconductor industries.