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SuperPro Designer has already been adopted by many pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies. It is used throughout the Life Cycle of Product Development and Commercialization to facilitate batch process optimization, cycle time reduction, improve team collaboration, and shorten the time to market. The development of SuperPro Designer was initiated at the Biotechnology Process Engineering Center (BPEC) of MIT (in the late 1980's) and completed by INTELLIGEN (in the mid 1990's). A partial list of users in the synthetic pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals industries follows:

Users of SuperPro Designer in the bulk pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries (partial list)
Ajinomoto (Japan)
Akzo Nobel
Avecia LifeScience (U.K.)
Battelle Memorial Institute
Borregaard (Norway)
Bristol–Myers Squibb
Cangene (Canada)
Chemagis, Ltd (Israel)
C.I.P.F. (France)
CRAB (Italy)
Dow Chemical
Dow Corning Corp
DMV Intern. (Holland)
DSM Deretil (Spain)
Eli Lilly
Eastman Chemical Company
Enitecnologie (Italy)
Du Pont
Fort Dodge Labs
Hoffman-La Roche
Hechem (Malaysia)
Henkel Corp.
Hindustan Polyamides (India)
IRC (New Zealand)
KISR (Kuwait)
Lonza (Switzerland)
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
Monomerous (Columbia)
Pharmacia Corporation
Roche Vitamins (Switzerland)
Purdue Pharma
SAIC Frederick
Hauser, Inc.
RJ Reynolds Tobacco
Novo Nordisk (Denmark)
Orsan-Amylum (France)
Sucromiles (Columbia)
Union Chemical Labs (Taiwan)
U.S. Department of Agriculture
US Army Edgewood CB Center
RDCAC - LIPI (Indonesia)
Samyang Genex Biotech (Korea)
QLT (Canada)
McGhan Medical Corporation
Merck & Co.
Merck KGaA (Germany)
Novo Nordisk
PLIVA d.d. Zagreb
Schweizferhall Greenville
Umicore Canada Inc.

SuperPro Designer is also a standard tool for Engineering & Construction (E&C) firms. It is used extensively in up-front design for sizing equipment and batch utilities. For instance, sizing of water for injection (WFI) stills and storage tanks is a common application of SuperPro. Another common use is for throughput analysis, debottlenecking, and cycle time reduction studies. A partial list of current users from the E&C community follows.

Consulting and Engineering Firms that use SuperPro
Arthur D. Little
Brunkow Consulting
CDI / Herzog-Hart
CRB Engineers
Fluor Daniel
Jacobs Engineering
Karl Research & Consulting
Decision Management International
Foster Wheeler
Project Management (Ireland)
BPE Design & Support (U.K.)
Kvaerner Process (US and UK)
Lockwood Greene
Morrison Knudsen (Washington Group)
Novo Nordisk Engineering (Denmark)
Pharmaplan (Germany)
Snamprogetti Biotech (Italy)
SRI Consulting
Process Facilities Inc.
ABB Automation Inc.
Bovis Tanvec Ltd (U.K.)
3T Consult (Holland)
Philipp Hess Associates (Holland)
RINTEKNO (Finland)
Simon Carves (U.K.)

For more info on applications of SuperPro in the pharma and specialty chemical industry, please download and have a look at some of the papers and presentation documents we have prepared on the subject.