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SchedulePro Basics

A SchedulePro project consists of recipes and resources.

Recipes describe a series of processing steps or tasks to be executed. Recipes provide information about how the steps relate to one another in time and about the resources required. SchedulePro provides an intuitive interface for creating and editing recipes.

Resources include equipment, work areas, labor, materials, utilities and inventory capacity. SchedulePro has a convenient calendar interface for entering time-based resource availability including:

  • Equipment down-time and maintenance schedules
  • Labor shift schedules
  • Material shipments and receipts

Recipes and Resources Tree

A schedule consists of a series of recipes with specific timing and resource assignments. Each execution of a recipe in SchedulePro is a batch.

Scheduling Approaches

SchedulePro provides a number of options for generating a schedule:

  • Schedule forward from a start date: The user decides which recipes to run; SchedulePro does the rest.
  • Schedule backward from a due date: The user decides which recipes to run; SchedulePro does the rest.
  • Manual scheduling: The user sets timing and/or resources; SchedulePro reports any resource conflicts.
  • Schedule editing: The user may add or delete batches in an existing schedule. The user may also change durations or resource assignments for specific processing steps. SchedulePro optionally makes any necessary adjustments to avoid resource conflicts.

Schedule Visualization

SchedulePro displays schedules in a variety of formats:

  • An explorer tree view (similar to recipes and resources)
  • As an interactive Gantt chart
  • As an equipment occupancy chart – this view shows the blocking of equipment over time.

Gantt Chart – color coded by activity hierarchy (campaign – batch – procedure - operation)

Occupancy chart for equipment – color coded by batch or campaign

Schedule Analysis

SchedulePro generates the following charts:

  • Resources (material, labor or utilities demand, or waste generation) as a function of time
  • Material inventories as a function of time.
  • Equipment utilization statistics

Material Demand Rate over Time


Inventory of a Waste Holding Tank (emptied when it reaches a max level)


SchedulePro generates a number of reports in HTML format, which may be posted on a website or read by many popular spreadsheet or word processing programs. The reports include information on production schedules, material requirements, labor demands, equipment utilization, etc. The contents of the reports and the time-horizon are user-customizable.

SuperPro Designer Compatibility

SchedulePro can import processes from SuperPro Designer. A batch process in SuperPro becomes a recipe in SchedulePro.

Compatibility with Other Programs

SchedulePro can export schedules in the MS Project® database format. This format is compatible with Project 2000 and Project 2002.

Read more about the latest version.